API Integration

Integrate your website, ERP, CRM, SAP, etc. to generate SMS alerts. BzzSMS.com SMS API is capable of Automatic SMS alerts through 1-way communication feature.

Our Unique API Features

  • BzzSMS.com's API is one of the most secure and fastest ways to send SMS Alerts through your website, ERP, CRM, SAP, etc.
  • Using BzzSMS.com Developer's API, an Application / System can Push Single or Bulk SMS
  • The post either via GET or POST needs to be done on
username User name of your acocunt
password Password of your account
phonenumber List of phone numbers (SMS reciepients)
Comma seperated
text Message to be delivered
Should be URL encoded
gsm_sender Alphanumeric sender name (for GSM mobiles in some countries)
cdma_sender Numeric sender (for CDMA mobiles in some countries)
action send is the default value to send the SMS
  • Charged 1 credit for 160 characters per recipient.
  • You can just open this URL in your own application to send SMS from within your application.

If you need any support write to us at sales@bzzsms.com

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